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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Bored at Home? With a little bit of effort, you can create some fun things to do that will help pass the time, and create some wonderful memories.

Although, it is important to assign responsibilities for chores, it’s equally important to create a plan for fun. Creating a schedule will not only help things get done, it’ll also create some sense of normalcy when your world is upside-down.

Here are 10 activities that you can do with your spouse or partner while staying safe at home.

1. Have a Board Game Night

There's nothing like good, old-fashioned fun. Whether you like UNO, Mancala, or Guess Who, board games always make for an eventful night. Just stay away from Monopoly so you don't end up hating each other. Heres a link to some two player board games.

2. Have a cooking competition.

Treat your cooking competition like like an episode of Iron Chef, and race to create delicious meals. After, you can enjoy each other's dishes over candlelight. If you have kids, you can have them choose the special ingredient, and let them judge who's cooking is the best. If you want to take it even further, you can add categories to the competition like best presentation or best use of the special ingredient.

Tacos by Meat on The Street

3. Create a home workout routine.

Now is the time to bust out all those saved Pinterest and Instagram work out routines that you have saved on your phone. Don't have weights? Look around your house to see what you can use instead.

4. Have a video game marathon.

Let's be real, everyone is playing Animal Crossing right now, but how about busting out that old Super Nintendo or Nintendo 64? We have been playing Super Mario World on our Super Nintendo and the nostalgia is real. One of our favorite games to play together is Roblox. We have it downloaded on our ipads, and then we enter the same network together, and have a great time.

5. Take a virtual tour of a museum online.

Save your pennies and bring the museum to your own living room. You can tour the Van Gogh Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, and many other museums online here.

6. Bake your favorite desert together

Grab your favorite ingredients, some icing, and sprinkles to make your favorite cookie recipe. After all, treats taste better when they are made with love, right?

Check out more from our at home baking photoshoot.

7. Take YouTube dance lessons.

There are a lot of dance lessons on Youtube. Follow your favorite dancers on social media and learn to dance right at home.

8. Have a YouTube karaoke night.

Search "karaoke" on YouTube, pick your favorite tunes, and you're all set to go.

9. Get a large canvas and have your own paint night.

Get creative with each other and have an at-home paint night. The Farmhouse Paint Bar & Banquet Hall, hosts daily virtual step-by-step painting lessons that you can take at the comfort of your home with a cup of tea or wine — and snacks, lots and lots of snacks.

10. Have a massage night.

The most sensual way to relax, reconnect, and set the mood after a long day or week. Light some candles, put on your favorite playlist, whip out the oil, and go to town!

Now is the time to cheat on your diets together, cuddle in bed all day, and reconnect. It's okay to feel, meditate, and to go with the motions. It's okay to gain weight. It's okay to not finish that project. It's okay to not have everything together. We are sending you lots of love and virtual comfort in this uncertain time.

Much Love, Charlie and Taylor

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