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A Surprise Engagement Proposal in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Our good friend Ryan contacted us about shooting a surprise proposal for him and Luisa and to plan something for Luisa that she’d never see coming. He had already been planning this secret for months and had finally gotten the perfect customized ring by Jewelers Trilliant Diamonds & Jewelry. We gladly accepted and we were so excited because we knew just how happy his future fiancé would be. Ryan had the entire day planned out and would pick up Luisa from work and take her to the photo location, Lake Park, for a stroll through the park.

We had his location on Google Maps so we were able to see his location in real time, at all times, so that we would be able to hide in time for the perfect moment. Charlie and I hid perfectly behind some stone statues to be able to capture the surprise engagement. I was ready in my position, squatting low, being quiet, and making sure that my camera was ready. I heard Luisa and Ryan's voices but not at the direction I expected. In a second my heart dropped, as Luisa makes eye contact with me as I am holding my camera in a squatting position. She laughed and asked "What are you doing here, pooping?" I laughed because that is exactly what it looked like I was doing as I was squatting in the corner. I told her I was waiting for a couple to photograph and asked "Well, what are you doing here? She then told me she was on a date with Ryan, wished me luck, and went on her way without even a further question of what I was doing. A few steps later, Ryan walked Luisa underneath a beautiful tree, got down on his knee and told Luisa that I was right when I said that I was there to photograph a couple, and that couple was them. And, then, when she least expected it, Ryan took out the ring and asked Luisa to marry her in Spanish. He said that he knew that Luisa always imagined herself getting proposed to in Spanish and wanted to make sure he did that.

Luisa finally looked up, had a second to breathe and process that THIS WAS REALLY HAPPENING.

Their first portraits as FIANCÉS!!!

We couldn’t have been more honored to capture this moment for our friends. It was a surreal moment for all of us. The look on her face says it all!! Thank you for letting us be a part of the newest chapter of your lives. XoXo, Charlie and Taylor



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