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Our First Blog Post – Welcome to Charlie and Taylor Photography

Photo by Herrada Photography

Welcome to the first blog post on our new website: Charlie and Taylor Photography. My name is Taylor and my husband is Charlie and we are high school sweethearts from Wisconsin that have an unhealthy obsession for delicious food, adventures, and cats.

As a birthday gift I (Taylor) was gifted an old Kodak disposable camera in elementary school and quickly became obsessed with capturing the world around me. My mom might not have liked the cost of film, but I was so happy developing my film and seeing what I had captured. Shortly after, my entire family made me the "go-to photographer" due to my eye for telling a story. In high school, I took many photography classes and developed my own film. The first year I met Charlie, we immediately began creating art and photographing together. I taught him everything I knew, and he would help second shoot weddings and eventually started getting in to video as well. Charlie loved his parents wedding video, and wanted to make sure that everyones story was being captured and memories were passed down for generations. We can’t get enough of a good adventure so we like to get out and explore as often as we can: checking out local diners, backpacking trips across the world, or finding the best street taco to devour (or in Charlie’s case, the best burger). We are travel bloggers at Happy Belly Travelers and we share real life experiences, budget friendly traveling tips, and breathtaking photos from around the world.

Backpacking in Japan

Now some random things about ourselves! 

1) Charlie was born in Mexico and I was born in Los Angeles.

2)  I gave the first kiss, and Charlie said I love you first.

3) Taylor has a love for beer, which is amazing because we live in the beer city capital of the world!

4) We are obsessed with our three kitties: Clarita, Leonardo and Annabelle.

6) Our favorite places we've traveled to is Mexico and Japan. Next up on our bucket list is Thailand, Egypt and Puerto Rico! I'm offering discounted rates in 2020 to anyone who's planning to get married in any of these places!

7)  Charlie can fall asleep in seconds. The minute his head hits a pillow he is out. I on the other-hand will be awake for hours.

8) Taylor has an obsession for beauty, skincare and makeup. I am a VIP member at both ULTA and Sephora and I can't stop shopping.

9) We make trips to Mexico at least 2 times a year because we love it so much.

10) Charlie went to an all-boy high school and I went to an all-girl high school. Luckily, we had mutual friends and we were able to meet ;)

We love meeting new people so we can't wait to hear from you and to learn more about you!!

Xoxo,  Charlie + Taylor

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