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Welcome to Charlie and Taylor Photography - Mexico Wedding Photographers

 Why do we love photographing love so much you may ask? Good question. Besides the fact that we're highschool sweethearts, you can say we love love, because we love each other so so much. We just think love is beautiful. We live for capturing the subtleties of love like the glances you make to each other when you are at opposite sides of the room, the way your fingers intertwine when you are holding hands, and the way your partner reaches for your hair to tuck behind your ear. We believe love is found in the little moments and we're so blessed to be able to document this thing called love, together with the one we love most, each-other.

As a birthday gift I (Taylor) was gifted an old Kodak disposable camera in elementary school and quickly became obsessed with capturing the world around me. My mom might not have liked the cost of film, but I was so happy developing my film and seeing what I had captured. In high school, I took many photography classes and developed my own film. When Charlie was in high school he was taking AP Art Classes, so when we first met, we immediately began creating art and photographing everything together. We began photographing friends for fun, and then you can guess it, we rapidly started receiving requests to document every little moment of our closest friends and families lives. Fast forward 15 years, we are still creating art together, but now as husband and wife. We are two artists working collaboratively to deliver a visual wedding story filled with lots of love, laughter, and passion. With two photographers, you get more creativity and two different perspectives that tell a well-rounded and connected story of your wedding day.  Wedding photography as unique as you are.

If you are you looking to hire the Best Mexico Destination Wedding Photographers to document the love and essence of your wedding day in Mexico, you can find us here. We would love to help you craft and document your most magical day in Mexico.



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