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WE MOVED!!! Wisconsin to...

We've been keeping a little secret...WE MOVED OUT OF THE COUNTRY!

We are so excited to announce that we moved to Mexico!!!!!!

It's been our dream to live in a different country and follow our dreams of photographing dope couples all around the world. So after talking about moving to Mexico for over 3 years, we packed our Jeep, and hit the road with our German Shepherd, Benito.

It was a long road trip as we drove from Wisconsin to Puebla, Mexico with a total of 2,120 miles over the course of a week.

It's definitely bittersweet though because we left all of our amazing family and friends behind, and it has been a big transition for us, but we are so excited for this journey.

Benito is so happy because he now has a fenced back yard to play in.

So what does that mean for our business? We have expanded our business to photograph DESTINATION WEDDINGS (and Wisconsin weddings of course) :D So what does this mean for our Wisconsin clients and friends? You’ll still have us once or twice a month!

We'll be keeping everyone updated over on Instagram so follow us over there as we will be posting more travel adventures, bts of photo shoots out here, and our travel dates.

If you ever find yourself in Mexico, please reach out! We're excited to be booking photo sessions + weddings and elopements out here as well! Xoxo, Charlie + Taylor (and Benito)



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