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Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials Checklist

Whether you’re the one getting married, are in the wedding party, or are simply attending as a guest, almost every wedding experiences a few speed bumps, so being prepared is essential.

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We've included all the key items and everything else you will need when putting together your wedding day emergency kit. Bring the kit to all of your wedding weekend events like your rehearsal dinner or bridal shower.

Everything to Include in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

  • Fashion tape

  • Portable phone charger

  • Makeup for touch ups

  • Sewing kit

  • Tweezers

  • Tide To Go pen/Shout

  • Baby wipes, makeup remover wipes, or tissues

  • Bobby pins

  • Breath mints/Gum/ Travel-sized toothbrush + toothpaste

  • Tampons/Pads/Etc.

  • Pain Reliever

  • Band-Aids

  • Super glue

  • A bottle of nail polish that matches your mani/pedi, in case they chip.

  • Eyelash glue if you're wearing falsies.

  • Hair ties

  • Travel lotion

  • Travel hairspray

  • Travel deodorant

  • Sole inserts for high heels

  • Nail file

  • Lipstick/Lip gloss/Chapstick

  • Oil blotting sheets for your face

  • Q-tips

  • Static Guard

  • Mini Lint roller

  • Small brush or comb

  • Perfume.

  • Small mirror

  • An extra pair of contacts, if you wear them.

  • A healthy snack

  • A copy of the wedding-day itinerary

  • A list of contact details for vendors

  • Small amount of cash

When Should I Pack My Wedding Day Emergency Kit?

Start packing your emergency kit in the weeks leading up to your wedding. To reduce your stress, start adding things to your survival bag as early as possible which allows you to think clearly about what you need.

Who Should Hold My Emergency Kit?

Ask someone close to you to keep track of your essentials. This could be the maid of honor, a family member, or a wedding coordinator—that way, you'll enjoy your wedding day stress-free.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist



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