Charlie and Taylor

We are a husband & wife photography duo aka besties for life, that met in high school and fell in love with each other’s weirdness. We live in Mexico with our kitties Clarita + Annabelle + Leo, and our puppies Benito and Momiji, and love to spend most of our days creating art, binge watching Bob's Burgers, drinking way too much coffee at our favorite diner, and spending all of our time together.  When we get the chance, we're traveling around the world soaking up as much culture and eating all the food we can.  

Since we started our photography business, we’ve been professional double daters for epic couples. Want to travel to a new city or country together? We're so down!



We met through a mutual friend freshman year and we didn’t hit it off at first. Charlie seemed too shy and I was a little too weird. But, thanks to social media, Charlie immediately tried spitting game on facebook and asked me out to his high school dance. He was a little too late every time, as I would already be going with someone else. For the next two years we would chat here and there on social media, but that was it. Flash forward to  junior year dance, my date had left me alone on the dance floor so that he can perform for the school dance. Charlie was there with a friend of mine so I decided to hang out with them. When I got home from the dance, there was Charlie in my facebook inbox, too shy to ask me for my number at the dance, sending me his number. Of course, we didn't have our own cell phones back then, so I had to sneak the house phone to my room to make the first call. 

This gave us an opportunity to get to know each other, and we stayed on the phone the entire night. I thought, ooh I kind of like his voice ,and that very night he asked me to be his girlfriend, and we have been inseparable since (ask our family haha).

We had an elopement 5 years later, and two years ago we celebrated 10 years together with a destination wedding in Charlie's hometown of Puebla, Mexico. You can see our wedding photos here. We know exactly what you are going through and we are here to help you have the best wedding experience ever!​

Yeah, we take hella selfies



We're pretty damn fun, and we know exactly what you are going through. Our role as your photographers is not to capture overly posed, picture perfect, unrealistic moments. We won’t over pose you or constantly tell you to awkwardly tilt your head (remember those dreadful school photos), but rather capture the moments that you didn't know were happening, the beautiful moments, the intimate moments, the moments when we are laughing our asses off or ugly crying. 

We take the time to get to know you, your significant other and your love story, this is why all of our packages include a complimentary engagement session, so that we can get to know you before the big day. Believe us, we know exactly how awkward and uncomfortable it can be.  Getting to know our couples over time seriously helps the experience you will have with us. This helps calm the nerves you might have when it comes time to have your photos taken. It will make your time with us much more intimate and unique to you two.

We promise to laugh, have a good time, and give you our all. 

Things you Should Know...


- Make you laugh when you feel awkward

- Hype you up when you feel self conscious in your outfit. 

- Taste test all of the food and cake if needed.

- Get the party started on the dance floor when you're too shy. 

-Make sure your makeup is always looking on point.

- Text you a million gifs to cheer your day up.


- Adventurous couples
- Funky editorial photoshoots
- Outdoor + intimate weddings
- Love is Love
-420 friendly
- Road trips with the windows down + Disney playlist
- Sunsets 
- Murals
- Traveling (especially Mexico + Japan) 
- Hot Cheetohs + Lime
- Spicy Food
- Nintendo 64



-Working with people who don't care about photos
- Spiders (Charlie is scared of them)
- Cheesy poses 
- Bridezillas
- Freezing cold temperature




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