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How To Prepare For Engagement Photos

Updated: May 25, 2023

How To Prepare For Engagement Photos with Charlie and Taylor Photography - Wisconsin and Mexico Wedding Photographers You’ve either booked or are planning your engagement session, which means that you’re officially engaged, how exciting!!!! Congrats you two!!

We're sharing a few pro tips and tricks on how to prepare for your engagement photos with Mexico Wedding Photographers Charlie and Taylor Photography. You both might be extra nervous about stepping in front of the camera, and that’s so normal. A lot of people’s only time being in front of the camera professionally was for their high school senior pictures. We remember ours, and lets just say the experience was awkward and terrible. We don't want anyone feeling that way, so don't worry, we got you boo!

How To Prepare For Engagement Photos with Charlie and Taylor Photography - Milwaukee wedding photographers

Three reasons why you should even have an engagement photo session:

  • You learn how to get comfortable in front of the camera and it’s an opportunity to capture this time in your relationship. After your session you'll be a pro at feeling comfortable having us as your paparazzi on your wedding day versus just having two random people following you around all day.

  • You’ll be able to express yourselves creatively. There’s no doubt you’ll absolutely treasure your wedding photos, but many couples feel their engagement photos are a more authentic reflection of them.

  • Your engagement session is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know your photographer. This is the perfect chance for you to see what it’s going to be like on your wedding day when it comes to portraits of the two of you. It's like a double date and a great way for us to hang out, have fun, and get to know each other.

  • ALSO, we just think that this should be a downright good time. You're madly in love and you want to have a blast planning your wedding! A couples session should feel like an elevated date. It should feel like playing dress up with your best friend and a random couple that will hype you up the entire time (us).

Taking shots of tequila with us before or after your session are highly recommended!

How Prepare For Engagement Photos with Charlie and Taylor Photography - Milwaukee wedding g Photographers

When should I plan my engagement session?

It depends on what type of vibe you want for your photos. Can't take the cold? Then skip late fall and winter and opt for a spring or summer session.

Love the snuggly fall vibes? Plan for early fall for your engagement photos when the change of leaves have reached their peak.

Some people choose to take their engagement photos as soon as they hire their photographer, or when they are getting ready to send out their save the dates.

The choice is completely up to you. Communicate with your photographer on the vibe you are going for, and they will be able to coordinate their availability with you.

How To Prepare For Engagement Photos with Charlie and Taylor Photography - Milwaukee wedding photographer Where should I take my engagement photos?

We like to ask our couples if they have any ideas on this one because this is your opportunity to express yourselves creatively. This session is all about YOU!

  • Do you have any favorite hobbies you enjoy doing together?

  • Are you more into the outdoors or do you prefer spending time in the city?

  • Where was your first date? Does a specific date night stick out in your memory?

Basically we’d like your photos to have some sort of sentimental feeling to them. It’s easy to go to a pretty place and create epic photos, and that’s totally okay if you’re feeling stuck on location. But if there’s something else we can add to the photos then it’s a win win. For example, if you are beer lovers, then head to a brewery and capture some fun photos there! Want to do a session at your house? We're so down! Milwaukee Photo Locations Wisconsin Photo Locations

How To Prepare For Engagement Photos with Charlie and Taylor Photography - Milwaukee wedding photographers

What do I wear for my engagement photos?

You know your body better than anyone. What fits you well. What doesn’t fit you right. Ultimately, the goal is you want to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing.

  • Your engagement photos outfit should compliment your surroundings. If you want a more downtown city feel, you can dress up in a chic or elegant dress. If you’re more into the outdoors or forest look, then sweaters, jeans, and boots would be super cute.

  • Stay away from being too matchy. It's all about coordinating your look, but not necessarily wearing the exact same color. Try and stay away from logos that are too busy because they can be too distracting.

  • Neutral tones photograph the best and also pair well. We have found that the best colors are darker- earth toned colors. This can be burnt oranges, maroons, hunter greens, browns, mustard yellows, and grays. The best combos are usually when someone is wearing a lighter color, and the other in darker clothing.

  • Casual or Formal? A lot of people don’t know which to choose, but good news you are allowed 2 outfits if you desire. A lot of our couples choose to start with a formal outfit and then change into something more casual to get the best of both worlds.

  • For Summer and Spring, find some brilliant colors, hit the beach and go barefoot, wear a maxi dress and accessorize it with your favorite necklace or hat. For winter and fall, don’t be afraid to layer and bundle up a bit with a scarf or some mittens. Pro tip: sometimes you can schedule your makeup/hair trial run on the day of your shoot so you can see how it will turn out in photos.

  • Whatever you bring to your session, make sure you absolutely LOVE it. We don’t want to shoot you in anything that you don’t feel comfortable wearing. If you don’t feel comfortable, it will show and you won’t shoot well in it, so don’t bring it.

  • Choosing an outfit for your session is tough. Believe us, we have been in your shoes. BUT it’s not something that needs to stress you out to the max. We found it helpful to browse Pinterest for outfit inspiration. Either way, you will look amaziiiiiing.

How To Prepare For Engagement Photos with Charlie and Taylor Photography -

Should I Bring Anything? 

If there’s anything important in your life that means something to you, we highly recommend including it in your engagement session. Your dogs or other fur babies are always welcome, but make sure you research the location you will be having your session at because some places are not pet friendly. For example: Love wine? Bring a bottle and some cute wine glasses. This session is all about you both and your love for each other. It's the perfect opportunity to have time together before the big day!

Things to do before your engagement photos:

  • Drink plenty of water in the week prior to your photoshoot to keep your skin hydrated, plump, smooth and clear. Try to eat healthy foods, as fried and salty foods cause bloating and water retention.  Also avoid sun exposure, which can make you look tired and leave your skin irritated. Get plenty of sleep to avoid dark circles under your eyes! Pamper yourself!

  • Your hands may end up in some of our shots, so get a manicure for your nails. Choose a neutral, skin tone polish, or a clear coat, so as not to distract from your face.

  • Always be in communication with your photographer before your session and make sure that you ask them all the questions and concerns that you might have before your session so that you are at ease. Create a pinterest board of inspirational photos, colors, and vibes that you would like to see captured during your session. This is your engagement session, it should be a special event where you feel supported by your photographer throughout the process and great communication is definitely a big part of that.

We hope this helps you out a little with planning your engagement session! If you are you looking for a Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer to capture the essence of your wedding day in Mexico, you can find us here. We would love to help you craft and document your most magical day in Mexico.



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