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Packing List: 14 Items to Pack for Your Wedding Day Detail Photos

As your wedding day approaches, you’ll start to notice the amount of things that you need to bring with you to the venue before or the day of the wedding. Which is why we're sharing our checklist of what to pack in your wedding day detail photos box.

14 Items to Pack for Your Wedding Day Detail Photos

〰️ All 3 weddings rings — the bride’s engagement ring and wedding band, and the groom’s ring!

〰️ Ring Box

〰️ Invitation suite

〰️ Jewelry

〰️ Perfume

〰️ Dress and Veil

〰️ Shoes

〰️ Something old, new, borrowed, blue

〰️ Bouquet and/or loose florals- Ask your florist if they can include a few loose flowers/greenery for styled detail photos.

〰️ Vow book

〰️ Any extra ribbon, accents, or items of significance that represent the day

〰️ Any gifts or notes from one another

〰️ Bouquet and boutonniere


These items should all fit easily into a box ahead of time, which allows your photographers to start right on time, instead of needing to begin the day searching for each of these items. If you want flawless detail shots, your photographer will need at least 15 minutes to style and photograph your details.


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